So now that you know my shift pattern I thought I would fill in some of the blanks and take you through what I do when not rowing. My first off shift for the day starts at 0900 and this is usually when I have breakfast. This is normally either porridge or custard and berries, 2 of the only things worth eating in the morning. Once I have cooked and eaten that it is into the cabin for a good stretch session and a massage with my trusty trigger point massage ball, great for the places you can’t reach yourself. This takes about 20 minutes and is well worth doing as I feel like a new person after it. Then it is on to a good baby wipe bath, it is essential to have good personal hygiene, especially living in such close quarters. Once I am all clean it is time to apply new Sudocream and Bodyglide and then I am almost ready to hit the oars again. A good coverage of sun cream is just smart and then if I have time a quick cat nap or a puzzle. Then back on the oars at 1100 for another 2 hour stint.
It has been a frustrating few days for the crew in Morocco, our big send off on Thursday turned out to be premature. After less than a mile it was quickly apparent that the forecast did not match up with the conditions and making noprogress we took the decision to return to the marina.