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Flow – Training and Consulting

Flow provides a range of services across 2 industries, the Adventure Tourism Industry and the Marine/Water Safety Sector.  Mike has almost 20 years experience training in the adventure tourism sphere which dates back to the late 90’s when he trained in Outdoor Education and stretches through to his completion of a Masters in International Tourism which he completed in 2015.  Over the past 10 years he has also developed his skills as a leading trainer for Search and Rescue teams with a particular expertise in training small boats crews for coastal and river rescue operations.  He also trains crews in river rescue techniques for fast flowing rivers and flood rescue.

For a full CV of Mikes qualifications and experience you can check out his LinkedIn Profile here

2014-09-27 12.42.25-1

Mike working off the west coast of Ireland with Maritime SAR services

The following is a list of services offered;

Adventure Tourism
Business development
New activity development & implementation
Staff training and development
Safety advice
Risk Assessment
Event safety management

Marine/Water Safety
SAR Training
River rescue training
Risk Assessment
Safety Consultation
Accident/Incident investigation & reporting

If you would like to speak with Mike about any of the above or if you have specific requirements with which you need advice and think he may be able to help contact him on or call 087 2924738