A grey day on the water today but a nice paddle all the same.  It is […]
As much as I was nervous about travelling in the remote areas of North Donegal I […]
My college education was pretty varied and among the things we studied we learned about theories […]
Slyne head is yet another of the major tidal gates on this trip miss the tide […]
Mike Jones Coachign - Kayaking Connemara
In September 1998 I boarded a train in Dublin to head west and start a new […]
Getting across Dingle bay is no mean feat and after being defeated by the wind a […]
 Getting moving again was such a great feeling and not only was I moving I was […]
Sitting and pondering was always was inevitable on this trip, be it in my boat, in […]
I set off on this journey in good spirits confident that I was well prepared mentally […]
This week has brought some unseasonally good weather and with the clocks going forward I have […]
Mike Jones coaching
It is hard to imagine that this time 2 years ago I had a beard and […]
It is amazing to think I am back over a month now and at this stage […]
The past few weeks have been frantic, after a great few days of catching up chilling out and sleeping in Barbados we flew home to a fantastic welcome in Dublin airport. It was quite surreal to have so many family and friends awaiting my arrival in the terminal. It was fantastic to see everybody and I really appreciate the effort they all went to to travel all the way to Dublin.
It seems like a long time since I pulled my last strokes propelling Sara G every […]
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Apologies for the slight gap in posts… Long story short, The Sara G was on Sea […]
It has been an interesting 24 hours mainly due to the weather. As I mentioned yesterday we were experiencing some strong winds and big swell, almost immediately after I finished yesterdays update the decision was made to stop rowing as to continue would have been unnecessarily dangerous. The swell reached about 6m at times and with oars catching in the water and the boat beginning to surf there was real potential for somebody to damage a thumb or get an oar in the ribs.
All good today the wind finally came around to the north and is now pushing us along nicely, yesterday we made 74 miles and making better time today so we expect to make 80+ today. Can’t write much more no sun and light wind means our batteries are vey low. I will update in more detail in a couple of days when the sun comes out. Point to point distance travelled by 6.30pm on day 4 = 127km / 69nm Lazarote in sight! Mike
The past few days have been good fun getting to know the crew a little better.  […]
Just sitting in the airport waiting for my flight.  Got the bus up this morning as […]
It is hard to believe that 2010 is upon us already and I have mere hours […]