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The past few weeks have been frantic, after a great few days of catching up chilling out and sleeping in Barbados we flew home to a fantastic welcome in Dublin airport. It was quite surreal to have so many family and friends awaiting my arrival in the terminal. It was fantastic to see everybody and I really appreciate the effort they all went to to travel all the way to Dublin.
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Hi All, Mike Talks about the roller coaster 48 hours they have had on the Sara G. He sounds very positive and upbeat about the fact that they will be with family and friends before the week is out. If you haven't done so already, don't forget to Donate!
Hi Folks, What a Huge Day! The Sara G Broke 5000kms distance travelled. They have (as of yesterday) only 275 nautical miles, so 500km to go now!! The first arrivals of the welcome party will touch down in Barbados tomorrow (the easy way, by plane!) with the rest not far behind within the following few days. Tick Tock... not far to go now!
Mike talks in depth about his weight issues. He discusses the percentage of body fat he has and the fact that his heart rate is super human. Some of us here believe that possibly Mike and the crew have rowed through some sort of force field and that they no longer have human blood in their veins. We will have to wait a few days to see! (Only joking of course)
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Sunday saw us wrap up a weekend of good sunshine and decent mileage. We are now cruising along and the boat feels so smooth through the water, this is due to a good scrub of the boat. Mylene and Matt took the opportunity of calm conditions to jump in and clean of the barnacles which had began to accumulate on the hull. It is amazing how different the boat feels after the scrub. At this stage we would all probably feel pretty good after a good scrub! The weekend also flew by as I had my music back. It was so nice to be able to sit on deck with my Mp3 player safely tucked away in its water proof Peli case. All the crew was provided with a waterproof Peli case by Niall at http://www.peli.ieto make sure our music players stay dry and safe even in the roughest of conditions out on deck. So far they have performed great and it is cool to see the 3 cases lined up on the deck at night as everybody bops there head to the music of their choice, Matt even treats us to random bursts of lyrics from his favorite songs. It is so sporadic and loud it helps keep me awake which is useful at 5.30am!
Another sunny day in the Atlantic and we are back on the imaginary treadmill, the horizon never getting any closer, just surrounded by blue with no land to reference the distance we are travelling. We are however making good mileage and with the breeze increasing each day, we should finally reach half way some day this week. It has been great to have emails back as I am getting some great messages from friends, family and fans. It is really encouraging to hear all the messages of support and I look forward to reading my emails at 18:45 each day before I go back to the oars for the evening, it never fails to put a smile on my face. Keep the messages coming and if you any questions about life onboard send them on and I will do my best to answer them. I have had some requests for more pictures and video, unfortunately our internet speed is so slow it is not feasible. Our connection speed is at best 9kb/s, pretty prehistoric, only just faster than carrier pigeon! I will get all the pictures and some video clip up online as soon as I get to dry land, well after I have a pint, a steak and a good night’s sleep. We also have a new friend, as Barry seems to have disappeared or been eaten by dolphins, a fantastic electric blue Yellow Fin Tuna, he is about 2 foot long and looks tasty, so far no joy catching him though!
Happy days, sun shine, dolphins and my music player which has not worked for 3 weeks came back to life! What a great day the rowing was pretty nice all day with a light tail wind small swell and beautiful sunshine, these are the days that make this so worthwhile. If you could bottle and sell the feeling of being out here surrounded by only blue ocean slipping effortlessly through the water with the wind on the stern and the sun on your back you could make a fortune. One small glitch in the day, the moments that remind us of how significant we are out here, came between 4-5pm when the wind shifted slightly to the south east and increased to a mere 10-15mph. It was the longest hour of the day as Pedro, Peter and I rowed our hearts out to barely stand still, in the end we started to go backwards at 1mph, heading north! Thankfully a slight course correction along with a minor wind shift lifted the shackles and just as my shift ended the boat began to slip through the water once again. I was so excited though as my Mp3 player which ran out of battery on day 3 and since then refused to take a charge came back to life as I plugged it into the laptop in a last ditch effort to breathe life into it. It is so great to have my own music and videos back again, although James did very kindly share his Ipod with me over the past few weeks, it is so nice to have my own tunes! The real highlight came just at sunset when a pod of Atlantic Spinner Dolphins came right up to the boat and stayed with us for about 10 minutes. Although we had seen some dolphins these guys were so close and playful you could almost touch them, they slowed right down to the speed of the boat and from inside the cabins you could hear them communicating under the water. We stopped rowing to allow them to get alongside the boat and we all chilled out for a few minutes to enjoy their company. The only problem with all these dolphins is that they are depleting our fish stocks from under the boat, hopefully they leave some Derado for us.
Just a quick update to say we are still making mileage in the right direction but not much else going on really. The days are hot, back up around 25degs Celsius today and the nights are a little chilly, but still in shorts though. Today should be around the half way point in days as we now expect to cross in around 48 – 50 days but the half way mileage point will not come until next Wednesday. I am really looking forward to that as we will finally have only 3 weeks to go, for the past 10 days I have been telling myself we have 3 ½ weeks so it feels like we are standing still. We are also each stock piling any orange rations to ensure we have enough to get u to the end without having to delve into the contaminated green packs, the thought of them make me feel ill.
Day 23 Back in the groove today after a couple of days in the 2 on 2 off, feeling good and the boat is gathering speed as the wind comes around behind us at last. Chilly night last night but the past couple of days have been roasting. Good news is the laptop is back in action after Matt and Pedro took out the faulty part and rewired the mains on to the circuit board. Now we just need to be super careful with it. Great morale to have it back but no fishing today. We have decided to reward ourselves with fishing only after we make 75 miles or more in a day. We also had our fish stocks depleted as a pod of bottle nosed dolphins came hunting this morning. It was pretty cool to see them in action as they circle the boat the herd the fish in and then they pick them off, no place for the poor Derado to go.
Day 22 Great to have the cabin back to myself for sleep last night, even of it was only for 2 hours at a time, it is so much cooler and you can stretch out properly. Also nice to the back rowing and making some miles although with a cross wind we are not making great miles. We should be back close to where we went on sea anchor within about 24 hours and then finally back on track for Barbados.
Day 21 Today was a great day, after what was the worst night on board so far. We got slammed by a big storm during the night, wind were up over Gale Force and probably gust force 9 most of the night with swell in the region of 7-8 meters. James an I got seriously thrown around in the bow cabin and had a god laugh as we would in turn get flung across on to the other , apologizing all the time although the actions were completely out of our control. Funniest of all must have been opening y eyes to look across at James and we both went airborne and levitated above our bunk for about 2 second before slamming back down as the next wave crashed in. It is probably the closest I will ever get to being in a zero gravity environment. But finally after 124 hours (over 5 days) on sea anchor we finally got moving again at 1500, what a relief. We also had a major morale boost as we caught 2 Derado fish. They have been hanging out under the boat and we didn’t think our rubber lure would catch them but with some foil from our rations and a neat whipping I dressed up our lure to make it look nice and tasty. So much so that Matt had the first fish on board after about 60 seconds and I had one hook before I even realized I had the hook in the water, like catching Mackerel back in the camber in Cobh. The Derado are a nice big fish and after I gutted and filleted them we fried them up to give everybody a tasty fresh treat. Surprising they also taste very like Mackerel. Just as morale was boosted we took our eye off the ball and a large wave crashed into the stern cabin shorting out the laptop charger an nearly toasting Mylene. Bit of the kick in the teeth but we were so glad to be moving again we didn’t let it get us down. After a couple of hours drifting down wind and sorting out the boat, bailing the hatches and resorting the food rations we got back into rowing at 8pm and it was back to the 2 on 2 off grind, at last!