A short bus ride from the airport bought the crew to Ocean village, the Southamton home […]
Yes its a Monster, a 70 foot carbon fiber Monster!!   Its fast and apparently a […]
I often get asked, so whats next?, where you off to this time? and recently the […]
Once upon a time I was a wannabe mountaineer, with a poster of Everest on my […]
A grey day on the water today but a nice paddle all the same.  It is […]
After a break for the winter I am back in training in the sea kayak for […]
Over the previous few days the tide had played a big part in my progress and […]
As much as I was nervous about travelling in the remote areas of North Donegal I […]
The South and West coast were all somewhat familiar to me and I was always in […]
Being awakened by rain on the tent is one thing, being awakened by rain on you […]
My college education was pretty varied and among the things we studied we learned about theories […]
Slyne head is yet another of the major tidal gates on this trip miss the tide […]
Mike Jones Coachign - Kayaking Connemara
In September 1998 I boarded a train in Dublin to head west and start a new […]
Getting across Dingle bay is no mean feat and after being defeated by the wind a […]
 Getting moving again was such a great feeling and not only was I moving I was […]
Sitting and pondering was always was inevitable on this trip, be it in my boat, in […]
I set off on this journey in good spirits confident that I was well prepared mentally […]
After a hectic few days which has included a few hundred miles on the roads around […]
Last night I had to practice the skills I hope not to have to use on […]
This time 2 weeks it will be the eve of the start and there will be […]
Definition of PONDER transitive verb 1 : to weigh in the mind : appraise <pondered their […]