This time 2 weeks it will be the eve of the start and there will be no more time to train or prepare.  And for that reason the next 2 weeks will be crazy!!!

Finished after a trip around Valentia Island on a glorious sunny day

I have now assembled almost all of my kit and the final piece of the puzzle, the food, is ordered and on the way so by next weekend I will have everything I need.

I am also now back to full health or at least very close to it and my spirits were raised this week when Zagg came on board as a sponsor and I called over to their offices in Shannon to meet the team, I even got to meet the founder of the company.  They have hooked me up with some seriously cool gadgets including water proof earphones, a Sparq 2.0 (a portable power supply) and the coolest of all is an Ipod Nano which has had HzO applied making it totally waterproof.  This is brand new technology an dnot on sale yet so I am very lucky to be the first person in Europe to have a HzO Nano!

I will have some pictures of all my new kit and details of my itinery up later this week so be sure to check in, you can also follow me on my new facebook page or on twitter @MrMike_Jones



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  1. Good luck on the trip Mike. Hope the boat & wings serve you well. Bit of a blow from the North coming thursday. Look forward to tracking your progress. Happy paddling.

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