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It is hard to imagine that this time 2 years ago I had a beard and a tan and a sore back and a tired body and was filled with that bitter sweet emotion of knowing that another life changing expedition would soon come to an end.

But it did and the past 2 years has flown by in a blur, so for those of you not paying attention this is the run down.

Pedro got married to the wonderful Emma

Matt went for another row (and set a few world records while he was at it)

Mylene went for a short row, in preparation for her Atlantic crossing later this year

James got married to the lovely Amy

Sara G went faster than any other boat across the Atlantic, then she tried it again but capsized and is now lost to the mighty Atlantic

I had planned a return to the oars on the Indian Ocean with Matt and James but alas with no boat we have shelved this dream (for now)

Pete has just completed his Army training and is now an Officer in the Irish Army

So it has been a busy 700+ days for all the crew and many more great memories have been made and many more planned.

My next mission which is scheduled for June this year will be my toughest yet, I will be attempting to sea kayak solo around Ireland in under 35 days, something only a handful of people have ever done. 




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