Mike talks in depth about his weight issues.

He discusses the percentage of body fat he has and the fact that his heart rate is super human. Some of us here believe that possibly Mike and the crew have rowed through some sort of force field and that they no longer have human blood in their veins. We will have to wait a few days to see! (Only joking of course)

The good news is they are on course for an arrival sometime next wednesday and they don’t expect any major weather to impact the last section of trip.

The last week can be the toughest, so if anyone would like to help keep spirits up onboard the Sara G please go ahead and send them a free text.

Go to  http://messaging.iridium.com and enter the number 881631667053. You’ve got 160 characters so keep it witty! Jokes, riddles, and (for some reason) physics are encouraged.


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