March 11th

 – Mike and the crew of the Sara G have landed safe and happy in Barbados after 57 days and 20 hours at sea.

He will no doubt update the site once he has a sleep!


MARCH 10th 2010 – Webcams live from Barbados

We are hoping they will land sometime between 8pm and 10pm Local Time (12-2am GMT) Tonight March 10th 2010…

Below are a few of the web cams in the area. You might need to hit F5 or Refresh every so often. They capture still images every 20 seconds so it’s not the best but we might see if we can get the crew to stand in front of one of them for 30 seconds later on.

Message Live from Mike:”Land ahoy! Less than 25 miles to go, final push is on to make port before 10pm local time before passport control closes. Can’t wait to see all the familiar faces that have come to welcome us. It has been a long 8 weeks and with only hours to go I have the bitter sweet feeling of saying goodbye to the Sara G but I can’t wait to set foot on terra firma once again!” – Mike Jones,”Getting closer all the time and the island is now large on the horizon, not long now and we will finally leave the mightily Atlantic and enter the Caribbean sea!” 

Live Updates From Mike “Getting Closer with every stroke and the island is now large on the horizon. Not long now and we will leave behind the mighty Atlantic as we enter the caribean sea. Final sunset is fast approaching and spirits are high although our bodies are tired, soon we will rest, and not row for a long while, At least a week!” 9.09pm GMT

From Eamonn – Webcams aint looking too hot… They are in and out Press F5 on your keyboard to refresh them.


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  1. Ahoy there, news just in. There was a false start and you’ve to go back again…..
    Great work to all. Congratulations!

  2. This is so exciting…wish I could see it happen in these dark pictures…keep imagining that I do though! Well done folks! Peter, i am so proud of you!! J.

  3. Mike the dream is now pure true reality! Congrats to you and all on Sara G we are all so proud of you! Enjoy the rest and see u back on the Irish Sod in oupke of weeks. Neasa and all gang in UL x

  4. Congratulations Mike and crew of Sara G – delighted to hear you have made it back safely, well well well done and hope you have a well deserved rest now!!!!

  5. Well done Mike and the crew of Sara G, delighted to hear you all made it back safely – well well well done, now go get a well deserved rest!!!

  6. Congratulations Cuz Mike and the Sara G team!!!!! What an accomplishment. We are very proud of you and the Sara G crew.

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