Apologies for the slight gap in posts…

Long story short, The Sara G was on Sea Anchor for the last few days going backwards (slowly) and then the email on the sat phone broke down.

The Great news is the Sara G is on the move again with an expected target arrival date of February 28th in Barbados. They are really pushing and making up for the lost time on Sea Anchor.

The other reason for the absence of posts was that as soon as they started rowing again, and got the sat phone email working again, a freak wave hit the boat and managed to wet the Laptop which could have been curtains for the daily updates.

Thankfully all appears to be working again and we are hoping for a MASSIVE post from Mike tomorrow.

In the words of Hobo…..

Until tomorrow…

Land    —– OUT  —–


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  1. woohoo! glad to hear you all good and rowing again! miss your updates. head down, row hard and before you know it you’ll be with your beautiful wife in Barbados 🙂

  2. So glad to hear all is well. Was a bit worried. Glad to hear you are once again rowing. What an adventure!

  3. Hey, sorry to hear about the boat going backwards. Anyway it’s Thursday and I’m just about to finish work and go for a McDonalds then a couple of pints and then get into my big comfortable double bed and get a good nights sleep. Hope all’s well.

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