Sunday saw us wrap up a weekend of good sunshine and decent mileage. We are now cruising along and the boat feels so smooth through the water, this is due to a good scrub of the boat. Mylene and Matt took the opportunity of calm conditions to jump in and clean of the barnacles which had began to accumulate on the hull. It is amazing how different the boat feels after the scrub. At this stage we would all probably feel pretty good after a good scrub! The weekend also flew by as I had my music back. It was so nice to be able to sit on deck with my Mp3 player safely tucked away in its water proof Peli case. All the crew was provided with a waterproof Peli case by Niall at http://www.peli.ieto make sure our music players stay dry and safe even in the roughest of conditions out on deck. So far they have performed great and it is cool to see the 3 cases lined up on the deck at night as everybody bops there head to the music of their choice, Matt even treats us to random bursts of lyrics from his favorite songs. It is so sporadic and loud it helps keep me awake which is useful at 5.30am!


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