Another sunny day in the Atlantic and we are back on the imaginary treadmill, the horizon never getting any closer, just surrounded by blue with no land to reference the distance we are travelling.  We are however making good mileage and with the breeze increasing each day, we should finally reach half way some day this week.

It has been great to have emails back as I am getting some great messages from friends, family and fans.  It is really encouraging to hear all the messages of support and I look forward to reading my emails at 18:45 each day before I go back to the oars for the evening, it never fails to put a smile on my face.   Keep the messages coming and if you any questions about life onboard send them on and I will do my best to answer them.

I have had some requests for more pictures and video, unfortunately our internet speed is so slow it is not feasible.  Our connection speed is at best  9kb/s, pretty prehistoric, only just faster than carrier pigeon!  I will get all the pictures and some video clip up online as soon as I get to dry land, well after I have a pint, a steak and a good night’s sleep.

We also have a new friend, as Barry seems to have disappeared or been eaten by dolphins, a fantastic electric blue Yellow Fin Tuna, he is about 2 foot long and looks tasty, so far no joy catching him though!


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  1. Fair play Mike, keep it goin lad, your nearly there.. That Tuna sounds tasty, the next blog update i want to see is “Tuna for everyone!” 😉 Good luck with it…

  2. “I call the big one bitey” Another famous Simpsons Quote!! Maybe that can be your new friend’s name 🙂 and hopefully he’ll do just that!!

  3. Looks like you’re going nicely Mike! Fair play to you and all on board. Ireland 29 -Italy 11, France in Paris next week! Hope your not getting bored with those crosswords from the airport!

  4. hi lads and lassie great to hear alls well. mike you’d go to any lenghts to meet new friends.skitten

  5. Mike, I’m starting a ” save Timmy the Tuna” Campaign as I reckon YE ate Barry!!!

  6. Mike, i’m following ye with interest as are a lots of the sailing guys. drive on! great progress to date…. best wishes to all aboard. Jim

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