Happy days, sun shine, dolphins and my music player which has not worked for 3 weeks came back to life!  What a great day the rowing was pretty nice all day with a light tail wind small swell and beautiful sunshine, these are the days that make this so worthwhile.  If you could bottle and sell the feeling of being out here surrounded by only blue ocean slipping effortlessly through the water with the wind on the stern and the sun on your back you could make a fortune.

One small glitch in the day, the moments that remind us of how insignificant we are out here, came between 4-5pm when the wind shifted slightly to the south east and increased to a mere 10-15mph.  It was the longest hour of the day as Pedro, Peter and I rowed our hearts out to barely stand still, in the end we started to go backwards at 1mph, heading north!  Thankfully a slight course correction along with a minor wind shift lifted the shackles and just as my shift ended the boat began to slip through the water once again.

I was so excited though as my Mp3 player which ran out of battery on day 3 and since then refused to take a charge came back to life as I plugged it into the laptop in a last ditch effort to breathe life into it.  It is so great to have my own music and videos back again, although James did very kindly share his Ipod with me over the past few weeks, it is so nice to have my own tunes!

The real highlight came just at sunset when a pod of Atlantic Spinner Dolphins came right up to the boat and stayed with us for about 10 minutes.  Although we had seen some dolphins these guys were so close and playful you could almost touch them, they slowed right down to the speed of the boat and from inside the cabins you could hear them communicating under the water.  We stopped rowing to allow them to get alongside the boat and we all chilled out for a few minutes to enjoy their company. 

The only problem with all these dolphins is that they are depleting our fish stocks from under the boat, hopefully they leave some Derado for us.


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