Day 23

Back in the groove today after a couple of days in the 2 on 2 off, feeling good and the boat is gathering speed as the wind comes around behind us at last.  Chilly night last night but the past couple of days have been roasting.

Good news is the laptop is back in action after Matt and Pedro took out the faulty part and rewired the mains on to the circuit board.  Now we just need to be super careful with it.  Great morale to have it back but no fishing today.  We have decided to reward ourselves with fishing only after we make 75 miles or more in a day.

We also had our fish stocks depleted as a pod of bottle nosed dolphins came hunting this morning.  It was pretty cool to see them in action as they circle the boat the herd the fish in and then they pick them off, no place for the poor Derado to go.


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  1. you must be glad to be back in the swing of things.those nights in the cabins sound like nights out in newcastle. Another quote for you…you don’t have to remember them or anything…”the sea wants to know – not the size of your ship, nor built with what art; nor how big is your crew, nor your plans for the trip, but how big is your heart.” Take it easy

  2. Well done Mike on the fishing and the charger repair, all very satisfying – as well as getting back on track with the rowing..Roll on Barbados..

  3. up the yard Jonesy! glad you are back on track. enjoying reading about your fishing adventures.

    Corcaigh Abú

  4. Pretty inspirational reading mike.
    It puts everyday life into perspective and how we take the little things for granted.Best of luck again for the rest of yer trip

  5. enjoying the blog again so much reading it brings you back around the table stay safe , mam and dad

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