Still on Sea anchor as of Sunday Lunch time but it looks like we only have another 24 hours to go before we finally get the wind shift we badly need.  Funny thing a about the past few days is that the boat is pointing in exactly the right direction, this is due to the fact that when a boat is on anchor it will always point directly into the wind. 

It has been pretty boring on board so not much to report.  We have had some equipment issues since we went on sea anchor, some of them have been sorted but we are still waiting to get a couple of them fixed.

First up the water maker is tripping the switch when we run it on 2 pumps, we don’t know why just yet and will have to wait until Monday to talk to the electrician.  Hopefully he will have an answer for us, it is not a major issue it just means it takes longer to make water on just one pump.

Second problem is that after a couple of days going backwards on sea anchor the cable connecting the steering snapped.  Thankfully we have a spare but it is very early in the trip to lose our primary cable.

Third problem is that our satellite data connection has been down for the past few days.  We can still make voice calls but it seems there is a  problem with the server receiving the messages from the satellite in America.  Hopefully this will also be sorted once they get back to work on Monday.

In other news we have a few fish living under the boat, the first guy to arrive was a blue and black stripped guy that we have named Barry, we think he might have some friends bit we only ever see one of them at a time.  Yesterday we had some more visiting fish, one of them looked like a 2 foot long tiger shark.  He was pretty menacing and was circling the boat for quite a while.  No sign of him today though.

We are all looking forward to getting back on the oars tomorrow, only 1 more sleep!


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