As of this evening, Friday, we are still on sea Anchor.  It has been a long couple of days sitting around hoping for the wind to change.  Thursday was particularly rough with gale force winds, we got throw around a lot in the cabins and with the hatches closed it gets pretty stuffy very quickly.

Wednesday night we set up a watch system which involved us hot bunking so when you woke somebody to go on shift you took their bunk, this was because we only had 5 bunks in operation for the 6 of us.  This resulted in both James and I having to depart the sanctuary of the bow cabin to sleep in the stern cabin.  It is very wet, hot and smelly in there, as somebody keeps farting.  I’m not pointing any fingers but let’s just say it isn’t any of the lads.

Today Friday has been relatively calm compared to yesterday with some squalls pushing through as the cold front of the depression passes over.  The winds have been up and down but we have been able to spend most of the day on deck getting some sun.  We also did some more admin getting kit dried out and moving the life raft out on deck to free up the sixth bunk.  Now everybody will have a proper bed for the night.

According to Stokey we might have these southerly winds until Tuesday which will mean a full week on Sea anchor, Disaster!  But hopefully over the next 12-24 hours as the low pressure system moves south east we will get northerly winds and will finally be able to get moving again.

The one thing that has become very apparent over the past 50 something hours is that we are now on an expedition, for a while there it seemed like a holiday as we racked up the miles.  Now after being pinned down for a few days and having our resolve and our patience tested I am really beginning to fell like this is a pretty big undertaking.  We will relish every mile we row for here on and take nothing for granted and hopefully the weather and mighty Atlantic will grant us a safe and swift passage to Barbados to be reunited with our loved ones.


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  1. wow profound writing mike lovin catchin up with the last week, glad u finally realised its a major undertaking as we managed to figure that one out a few months ago. keep it comin its what we switch computer on for daily:-)

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