We will do this every week to try and keep you all filled in on what is going on.


We thought we would put together a copy of a spreadsheet of Mike’s Progress across the Atlantic.

It’s appears to have been a super week aboard the Sara G, with only one day of rough weather which prevented them from rowing for a few hours. Despite everything, The Sara G is making good progress and is about to start moving at an even faster pace across the Atlantic.

This is the sort of thing Mike would compile and talk about for hours if he had the time so we thought we would do it for him 😉

Progress Chart - Atlantic 5000 sara G


You can check out the weather here:



The Website is proving very popular with over 7,500 page impressions in the last 15 days! Facebook has been a huge contributor.

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An Excerpt taken from Pedro’s blog below which gives a balanced view of how the trip is going. You can find his blog here:

“We are getting on really great as a crew! We live so close together and rely on working as a unit. I thought I’d give you a run down of our roles on the boat.

Matt the Skipper is in charge of navigation and the general running of the boat a whole. Then there is Pete who is Matt’s Second in Command, and he’s mainly responsible for the email communication to dry land using the satellite phone. Mike and James are in charge of making water for us all, using the water maker that’s in their cabin. Me and Mylene normally deal with navigation lights. Ah by the way, I’m not sure I’ve mentioned that me, Mylene, Matt and Pete share the stern cabin and James and Mike share the little bow cabin. Only a few habits developing so far in our cabin: Mylene who is my shift buddy is astonishingly difficult to wake up! Even though she appears to be fully awake and even talks to you she normally falls asleep again and then I have to wake her up again… and again! Matt talks in his sleep and also sings along to his Ipod with gusto! Only Pete and Mylene have dropped something overboard so far but I think we all will by the time we get to Barbados.”

Follow Pedro here: http://www.onemillionstrokes.org.uk

Follow Mylene Paquette here  http://rameatlantique.blogspot.com/ Apologies I have no french ; -)

Don’t forget Twitter! @atlantic5000 – Tell whoever you know mike is on Twitter. – www.twitter.com/atlantic5000

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  1. well it sounds like ye are all having a ball,well done great to hear from ye each day.lads says hi mike xxx

  2. The crew of La Reina del Mar, congratulate you all on the success of you crossing, well done you crazy people, enjoy the beer,

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