Just a quick note as I am being bounced around the cabin.  We finally got some wind to help us along today, only problem is is that is not directly behind us and the boat is getting tossed about a little so tricky to row and not very comfortable to sit around, hopefully it swings around behind us tonight and then it will make for a smoother ride.

I’m back at the oars at 1900 for my 2 hour dusk shift and then another night begins and about midday tomorrow (Wednesday) we will each have rowed for 100 hours on the trip which will put us about 20% of the way through our estimated time for the trip, we will also have completed 50 of our 250 2-hour shifts which means we are down below 200 for the first time.

Bring on the Trade Winds!!

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  1. keep it up guys – you’re fantastic… here’s hoping the wind will always be at your back!

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