I can’t believe we are at sea week today it has gone by so quickly and the first few days are all a bit of a blur. Now that we have settled into routine I thought I would give you an idea of what life is like on board. Each day we row for 12 hours each are consuming in the region of 6,000 calories a day. To fuel our bodies we need to eat lots of high calorie food, this comes in the form of mainly dehydrated food sachets. Each morning around 10:00 we are issued a ration pack for the next 24 hours, it contains 3 meals, some chocolate bars, drink sachets, packs of nuts or raisins, tissues and biscuits. If you managed to eat everything you would consume around 4-5,000 of your required calories, nobody has managed this so far.

As for the quality of the food we have developed a 3 tier hierarchy ranging from the green packs which you will just about force feed yourself to the British Army ration packs which we might just have a mutiny over! In the middle are the orange packs which are pretty good, especially the ‘spag bol‘ and the custard with berries. Unfortunately about 60% of all our rations are the least favored green packs and we only have 22 of the Army packs remaining, the plan is to spoil ourselves each sat with these for the next few weeks they are so good I would nearly join the Army!!

The other bad news is that it seems most of the green packs have been contaminated by petrol or diesel so it makes all the chocolate bars unpalatable and some of the meals even more disgusting than normal. This should not be a problem as we have stockpiled all the uneaten meals but if we are out here for more than 45 days we will have to eat the tainted food.

Progress will the slow for the next couple of days then we hope to pick up the trade winds and if our weather man Stokey is correct, and he usually is, we will see 25knts on our stern sometime on Wednesday, then we will knock some serious mileage up.



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  1. I now know where the HSE canteens must get their food stock from….should rename them Green Pack Canteens. The wind on your back is always a great feeling. Take it easy Mike.

  2. May the trade winds always be with you, and your food free from contamination. Sending the best to you Mike and all your team.

  3. So what’s the secret ingredient in the British army packs? Sounds very marketable whatever it is. Mind you Pack’n’go spag bol, hot footed by custard and berries sounds to die for. Yummy. followed

  4. A ration pack is a representation of the supplies a party of adventurers will need on their journey. It includes food, water, spell components, sunrods, medicines, and anything a party might need for a journey that has a limited amount. Rather than try to micromanage all of these oddities, a single ration pack can contain them all. The key is that these ration packs begin to rot or wear out if you keep them too long. For this reason, a party can only carry a small number of them. Any more and they’ll be wasted and rotten, the sunrods won’t glow and the water becomes tainted. The number they can carry is up to you, based on the number of encounters you expect them to face. Generally, divide the total number of battles you expect them to face in a dungeon by 4 and give them that many rations.

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