Another sunny one today but we have a slight head wind so the going is slow.  Everybody is really in the zone at the moment and we are looking forward to making good time as soon as the wind swings around again.  I was due to talk about our diet today but just as I began to write we had some excitement on board as the bracket for our wind generator became loose.  Minor problem and all sorted now, good thing it happened in relatively calm sea and daylight.  That’s Ocean rowing for you, never a dull moment!


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  1. McGyver Mike at it again!! Tis amazing what you can do with that penknife I tell ya! Up you boyo!!

  2. Greetings Mike,
    This is Mary O’Connor, Editor of the Great Island News in Cobh and a former neighbour of yours from Church Street.
    You will be featured on our front page this week and I have included one of your blogs for our readers.
    Looking forward to tracking your progress.

  3. Well done so far everybody. As I’ve crossed the atlantic myself in a previous life, I know conversation can dry up. So, if after another twenty three days your alphabetic theme has expired perhaps you’d like to apply your minds and voices to the subject of the world record Santa Dash attempt in Killaloe next year. there needs to be about 7,200 + Santas running 5k to be new record holders, Las Vegas. After what you’re going through now I’m sure you lot would easily rise to the challenge, and indeed look very fetching. Over to you, mike & co……..

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