The days are flying by and we have all settled into routine at this stage.  Today was a super day, sun was shining and the wind was behind us as we cruised past the Canary Islands.  Although I had a pretty crappy night’s sleep and I am without my music as my Mp3 player is dead today has been super.  I spoke to Andree on the phone and my Mam and it was great to be able to make contact with them both and fill them in on our progress and get the news from home.

Yesterday we had light wind and cloud so we have had to ration our power as our batteries are not charging, they are coming back up today and the forecast  looks like we should be ok for the next few days.  The down side to no power is that we have no music on deck from the stereo.  We have had to resort to good old fashioned conversation.  The topic for today was anything beginning with the letter ‘C’ and we plan to work our way through a letter of the alphabet each day, we will however run out in another 23 days so any suggestions for things to talk about would be welcomed.

I will let you know about our cooking facilities and diet on board in my next post.



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