All good today the wind finally came around to the north and is now pushing us along nicely, yesterday we made 74 miles and making better time today so we expect to make 80+ today.

Can’t write much more no sun and light wind means our batteries are vey low.

I will update in more detail in a couple of days when the sun comes out.

Point to point distance travelled by 6.30pm on day 4 = 127km / 69nm

Lazarote in sight!


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  1. Looks like mega stuff Mike. With the internet you can look at for all the latest episodes:-) keep trucking out there big fella ad good luck to the Canadian lass who will speak english with the craziest cork accent. Have fun and safe rowing only about 4,800 k to go

  2. Good work guys. Great to hear it is going well.. looking forwrd to hearing about the details (nutrition, hydration, your spirits etc!

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