Wow the past 2 days have gone by in a flash, I can’t believe we have been at sea for over 48 hours and I have rowed for over 24 of those.

We were repaid big time by the weather after 2 false starts in horrible winds we got away at 0700 on Tuesday morning, the sun was just up the sea was flat and the winds were light, pretty much the perfect start.

After a bit of slalom through a busy fishing fleet we were 8 miles offshore within 2 hours and since then we have been making good time.
Speed has dropped to about 2 knots as we are heading south west with a westerly swell and breeze hitting us on the starboard side.

The constant roll makes getting any great speed tough and the clash of oars and banging of shins can get irritating. But within 48 hours we should be down near the Canaries in calmer seas and a few days after that we should be picking up the Easterly trade winds, then we should really get a move on!

Thanks for all who are checking in,

Mike Jones

The Atlantic Ocean


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  1. i think after another 48hours it wont matter what noise etc you’ll sleeep the min ur head hits the pillow. loving the updates

  2. living on your western shore, saw summer sunsets, asked for more, I stood by your atlantic sea, and sang a song for ireland…..keep singing mike

  3. Excellent. You might be home to wet the baba’s head yet! keep her lit! The man in Oz say a big hi.

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