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Land at mikejones.ie here  as mike is unable to email at the moment.

Unfortunately the satelite email system on the boat isn’t working too well due to a massive low pressure system about 600 NM north of the Sara G. Therefore there was no update today. Phone contact was made with the boat and all are well. The downside to the low pressure system is that they have had to drop the sea anchor and they are moving north rather than west, although they aren’t going that fast. This was expected but is a dissapointment to the crew as they were on target and hoped to break  a 40 day crossing earlier in the week. It is expected that the sea anchor could be down until Tuesday. …. Further Updates to follow…


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  1. fair play to you mike, just came across what you were up to you lunatic,hope it all goes well and ye arrive at the destination safely. best of luck to ye all,ill be keeping an eye on your progress.

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