The wind that has been pushing us along and churning up the Ocean finally died off last night, just as predicted by Stokey(our weather man back in the UK).  So we are now plodding along in a light breeze heading south to dodge a weather system which is due to blow 20-30knts from the south at 0100am on Friday morning.  If we don’t manage to get below 21degress by then it could mean a day on sea anchor, which would not be a disaster but would most likely remove any chance of a sub 40 day crossing.  So fingers crossed we get low enough then we should pick up the trade winds and we are westward bound!

We are also fully back into routine by now and those of you following the updates will know that I am now on lunch.  I get back to oars at 1500 until 1700 and then it is dinner time.  Depending on how hungry I am I sometimes eat a full meal other evenings I just have a snack.  Once I have eaten I fill in my diaries, one is a personal account of what I get up to during the day and what has happened on board, the second is a special account of the trip for my sort psychologist, Aine McNamara.  She has asked me to record specific information each day and she hopes to analyze the data when I get back to see just how mental I am !!

Once the diaries are done it is time to chill out and get my kit ready for the night shifts, I try not to sleep during this rest period as if I do it normally means I can’t sleep when I come off the oars at 2100.

More on how we are getting on with the pending weather system and on life on board tomorrow.


– Photo Taken on Launch Day ****


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  1. Good Luck from Cobh! We are keeping our fingers crossed for you to get below 21 degrees and we are enjoying keeping up with your quest.

  2. Hi mike I hope you dont have any more bad days like the unlucky 13th and I hope you have more good days

  3. she wants to know how mental you are? well she could have asked all of us before u went….we’ve got some stories 😛 loving the updates mikey. hopefully you guys can keep the spirits up now u r on anchor. x

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