We are now just getting back into proper routine, we have spent most of the past 24 hours not rowing as conditions were poor, we still made good mileage though with a tail wind.  We have been keeping to our 2 hour shifts as it is important to stay in routine and it also means if the wind dies off we can get on with the rowing and more importantly we can keep watch for ships at night.

I have just come off my 1100 – 1300 rowing shift and I am now getting some lunch ready, today it is Porridge with strawberries (800 Kcal).  My appetite has faded in the past 2 days so  I will force feed myself if I have to as I need to keep the energy levels high.  Normally I try and get my emails and blog done during lunch while I wait for the water to boil (that’s what I am doing right now).  Once I am done I will take my food back to the bow and eat that while chatting to the lads rowing.  Then I normally retreat to the cabin to do some puzzles and catch 4 winks before I am back up at 1500 to row.

Thanks to everybody for the messages it is great to hear from so many people, keep them coming, I will need all the support I can get as we slog our way through the next 1,000 miles.

Today we should hit the 1,000 miles rowed mark!


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  1. hey mike,hope you ae well..just wanted to say keep up the good work,you guys are doing brilliantly..really enjoying following your progress.x

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