Just as we were settling into our routine again a couple of more problems have popped up, superstitious or not day 13 has not been very lucky on board Sara G.

At a couple of minutes before 3am this morning Mylene was knocked out of her seat by a wave, she dropped her oar and as she tried to recover it the blade swung towards the front of the boat, as the water caught the oar it bent the steel rigger on the boat and snapped the oar lock clean off the boat, the oar is now floating somewhere in the Atlantic.  Following this Matt decided it was not suitable for 2 people to stay rowing so the lads stowed the oars and everybody retreated to the cabins. 

James and I got a pretty good night sleep in the bow cabin but the stern cabin was like a sauna and the guys struggled to get much shut eye in there.  Matt and Peter were up early to change out the oar locks and set up the spare oars, after some adjustment we got rowing again at 1140.  At about 1400 Peter was making more adjustments to Mylenes oars when a spare oar was also lost over board, that is 2 oars in less than 12 hours!

Rowing was stopped again at 1500 as the swell has grown and is hitting the back of the boat at an angle making rowing very difficult.  With the tail wind we are still making good speed in the right direction so we are all using the break to do some admin.  James and I just washed some clothes and I am passing the time with some Sudoku.

This wind is due to be with us for about another 12 hours then it is to die off and we should be able to get rowing again and hopefully back into our routine.  Once we re-establish routine and will get back to explain more about life on board.

Photo From Launch Day – Full images to follow on the weekend***********


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  1. Damn it!
    Enjoying following your progress through all the updates. Hope your oar-luck improves.

    Keep er lit!

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