The honey moon is now over and it is time to get the heads down to bang out some miles.  This was always going to be the toughest phase of the trip mentally as each day is like the last and we are a mere spec in this vast blue rolling square of ocean.  Each day the horizon to the front, back, left and right all seem to be in the same place so it appears that we are rowing to stand still, the only reference we have to tell us we are moving is our GPS plotter.  Thankfully we do always appear to be rowing downhill with a  gentle Atlantic swell nudging us along our way.

Just to give a quick idea of my daily routine this is my shift pattern, I will go into more detail as to what I do in each shift over the next week.

0700       A new day begins (that was our departure time so it marks another 24 hours at sea) at the oars

0900       Rest

1100       Row

1300       Rest

1500       Row

1700       Rest

1900       Row

2100       Sleep

2300       Row

0100       Sleep

0300       Row

0500       Row

0700       Start all over again!

Those of you watching the rugby this weekend enjoy and scream extra loud for Munster, I don’t think they will hear me from out here.



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  1. love the pic guys looks like ye’re havin a great holiday!!! did ye forget your razors…. dont forget tux day ya gotta shave

  2. the sea is wide and you can row over, good luck Mike and crew, proud of you all, very best Mike and Lena

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