It is hard to believe that 2010 is upon us already and I have mere hours remaining to pack and double check all my kit before I say good bye to my beautiful wife to depart on an adventure of a lifetime!

10 days ago I posted and hoped to be able to give a blow by blow account of my last 2 weeks of preparation by writing something everyday.  But with some many small jobs to do and all the running around to say good bye I have hardly had time to scratch myself.

So just a small list of what has been happening since my last post.  I now have several new sponsors on board which is fantastic news as they are rpoviding some essential kit as well as cash donations.

Great Outdoors have supplied me with a new Palm equipment Tasman cag to keep me warm and dry in the rougher weather, as well as lots of handy dry bags and utensils.  Cheers to Gerry and his staff for getting all the kit to me over the busy christmas period.

Niblock enterprises have supplied me with some Body glide produsts to keep my body working smoothly! and some Zym tablets to make essential electrolyte drinks to keep my hydrated during the hot, long days on the Ocean.  Cheers to David Niblock for his support.

Thanks also to Analog Devices who have made a donation, it is tough times for any business so any help is greatly appreciated.

I have also been busy getting my body in shape and thanks to the help of Catriona and Johnson in United Physiotherapy, Angela Hogan and Orla Foley of Kincora Therapy my body is in great shape and ready to take on the 5,000km adventure.

I also have to say a massive thanks to all my Family (Including the in-laws) and friends who have been amazing over the past few months.  I have used up so many favours with people giving up so much time to help me fundraise and prepare for the row.  I am forever in debt to all who have helped me and look forward to repaying all the kindness upon my return.

I will post as often as I can from the boat, unfortunately we won’t be able to send back many pics but I will do my best to paint a vibrant picture of life on board.

Now to finish the packing and get a good nights sleep in my own bed, the last one for quite a while!

All my nieces and nephews saying goodbye

All my nieces and nephews saying goodbye


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