The past week has been great training for being in the middle of an ocean, because everywhere I seem to look there is water! With record rainfall giving rise to record water levels in the Shannon system I spent the first half of this week busy with the Killaloe Coast Guard moving boats to secure moorings as many of the marinas have been damaged and several craft were in danger of being swept into the bridge in Killaloe. So with all the Coast Guard work my training suffered and with my wife away so did my diet.
Thankfully though by Wednesday Andree arrived back form her break in Manhattan and the coast guard work quietened down. Thurdsday I got back on track with an ergo session and my awesome wife helped get my diet back in order with some proper home cooking.
The big news this week is that Matt and Peter finished up preparation on Sarah G and she is now on her way to Morocco. This is another major step along our journey and brings home the reality that I will be departing to join up with the crew in less than 5 weeks. In that short space of time I have lots to do, including finishing up my physical conditioning, organising several fundraising events and collecting together all the kit necessary to get me safely across the ocean. A lot done, a lot more to do…

Hard at work with the Coast Guard (Thats me at the back)

Hard at work with the Coast Guard (Thats me at the back)



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