Yesterday morning I was back in the rowing tank with James Mangan.  Although this was my second session it was my first introduction to sculling.  There are 2 types of rowing, sweep is when each person has one oar like the Oxford Cambridge boat race and sculling is when each person has 2 oars.  The two techniques are very different and although I did a short session on sweep rowing last week I pretty much had to start from scratch with the sculling technique.

Again James showed his coaching class by making what is a complex range of movement into a chain of simple actions.  As a coach myself I am always keen to see other coaches at work and have them teach me new skills, working with James is not only teaching me a lot about rowing technique but it is also giving me an excellent insight to what is an extremely well polished and relaxed coaching style.  I am looking forward to getting many more coaching tips from him in the coming months.

Looking forward to a nice 60km bike ride in the morning, hopefully the sun shines.



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