One of the areas we all have to look at during our preparation is the condition of our pearly whites.  Tooth ache in the middle of the Atlantic would be quite miserable especially when you have to pull on the oars for 2 hours at a time!  So yesterday I had my 6 month check up with the dentist.

Pretty good thing that I did too as I had the start of a small cavity that could have given me a problem, so one quick filling later and my teeth are all sealed up and hopefully problem free, for another 6 months at least.  I also had a couple of x-rays taken of my wisdom teeth, they have just broken the gum so could be an issue, but having them out this close to the row is likely to cause more serious problems.  So for now they are staying in, the advice from the dentist is keep them clean and I should have no problems.

I also discussed general dental hygiene for the row with him, we will be eating a lot of sugary foods and drinking energy drinks so tooth decay over the 40 – 50 days could be a serious issue.  Obviously we should brush our teeth at least once a day, probably twice.  He also recommended bringing a good mouth wash to help kerb any infection and a sugar free gum which will also help to prevent decay, it is also easy way to clean our teeth while at the oars.



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