Two gold fish in a tank, one fish says to the other, ” Have you any idea how to drive this thing?”

Ok, enough of the funny stuff, and tank references.  This morning was another early start with a weights session in the Arena at 0715.  Really good session, probably my best so far.

I went straight from the gym to the University Boat house to meet with rowing coach, James Mangan.  He is now training the UL rowing club and has offered to help me develop my technique.  He has been coaching for over 30 years and has worked with the American national team, so I am very lucky to have his help during my preparations.

First up he had a look at me on the erg, thankfully I had a brief lesson last week (Cheers Mike) otherwise I would have looked like a complete amateur!  Then it was into the rowing tank, the only one of its kind in  Ireland, I am extremely fortunate to have access to this world class training facility.

The tank will allow me to develop my sculling technique without having to worry about the weather or the un-nerving wobble of a skinny rowing boat.  Unfortunately their were no sculling oars available today so I just did some sweep rowing, still very worth while as it gave James a chance to give me some good tips on how to improve my technique.

  The UL rowing tank

The UL rowing tank

The rowing club trains every weekday morning so I hope to join them at lest 2 mornings each week to develop my technique.  Although rowing in the middle of the ocean will be a lot different from the cosy shelter of the indoor tank the skills I develop here will be invaluable to saving precious energy during our voyage.

I will hopefully get some pics and video of me sculling next week.



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