Anybody who knows me or has had the pleasure of living with me for a while knows that I am not a morning person, I usually get out of bed for about 0850 head to work and wake up around 1000.  Following my meetings with Tom and Carmell yesterday I have realised that the training required for this mammoth task is going to require plenty of early mornings.  I am sitting down at the moment trying to fit 4 gym sessions, 5 rowing sessions all followed by stretching and core work into my week, not too hard if you are a full time athlete but I also have my day job to fit in somewhere.

So it looks like a major lifestyle change with plenty of early mornings and of course they go hand in hand with early nights.  I still need to get my 8 hours sleep as this is when our bodies do most repair work, so it is good by to TV after 10pm.

I should have my first draft of the training programme completed tonight and I will post it up tomorrow along with some more info on my session with Tom.


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