After a super meeting with Tom in the Arena gym this morning it was off to United Physio for another treatment on my shoulder.  Last week I had my first taste of superficial dry needling, it is a technique to promote healing in damaged tissue.  I am not a fan of needles but it wasn’t too bad, this week though was deep tissue dry needling and as the name implies it involves the needles going in further.  I took it as a has to get worse before it gets better experience and as I twitched through the pain of the procedure I just thought how it will be worth it if I get rowing by next week.  I am now on a prescription of regular rehab exercises so I should be back to full strength in the next 10 days.

More on my meeting with Tom shortly, all I will say for now is he is a great trainer and really knows his stuff, and with a  couple of years experience fishing off  the coast of Norway under his belt he also understands the challenge ahead of me.



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