So my weekend was pretty busy with a good weights session to kick to kick off on Saturday morning, I managed most of it but still couldn’t manage press ups or shoulder press with my shoulder, soon I hope to be able to get the whole programme.  What I did manage though was the punishing amount of squats, 3 different types and a total of 17 sets.  The worst of them are the Bulgarian squat which are last on the programme and involve putting a leg up behind on a box and squatting with one leg while hold dumbbells, great fun, I would highly recommend them!

I spent the rest of the weekend with sore Glutes and although yesterday was a day of rest they are still a little sore today.   Once I get a few more sessions under my belt it should not be so bad, I hope.

Had my final Physio appointment this morning so all going well I should be back to 100% within a couple of weeks.

First session in the rowing tank tomorrow morning, I hope to get some pics to help explain what it is.  Should have them up tomorrow.



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