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Whats that coming over the hill…

Yes its a Monster, a 70 foot carbon fiber Monster!!   Its fast and apparently a little bit wet on deck!   But it is all for a great cause, Care for Shane.  Click here to find out more and donate, cheers 😉 Training starts tomorrow, racing starts the 28th check back for updates as we learn to tame the […]

Round I Go Again!

I often get asked, so whats next?, where you off to this time? and recently the answer has been, nothing at the moment, just focusing on my studies and getting my Masters finished.  But secretly I am always on the look out for the next adventure. So, a few weeks back I saw a poster online for a trial to […]

Adventures in Africa

Once upon a time I was a wannabe mountaineer, with a poster of Everest on my wall and an unquenchable thirst for mountain adventures, heading off to the hills around Ireland when I had free time from school and once I turned 18 venturing off to the snowy hills of Scotland and the lofty peaks of the French and Swiss […]

The Battle of Belfast Lough

Over the previous few days the tide had played a big part in my progress and had been major the factor which determined how many miles I would make each day.  I knew this would be the case for much of the east coast so making the right decisions and accurate reading of the tides would be crucial over the […]

Over the top

The South and West coast were all somewhat familiar to me and I was always in close range to friends or family.  When I moved into the northwest I had expected to be isolated and lonely and have to admit this section of the coast was one that made me nervous. So far though Donegal had treated me well, friendly […]

Wear and Tear

Being awakened by rain on the tent is one thing, being awakened by rain on you face is an entirely other.  But that is the joy of bivvying, at about 04:30 I woke to drops of rain on my face and slid deep into my sleeping bag sealing the bivvy bag over my head with a small air hole to […]

T minus 10 hours

After a hectic few days which has included a few hundred miles on the roads around Ireland and the small matter of my little brothers wedding, which was a magical affair and a special way to finish off the family weddings, 8 down! But now it is time to relax and enjoy the comforts of home as it my last […]

Rescue ready

Last night I had to practice the skills I hope not to have to use on the trip around Ireland.  Since I bought the boat people especially those who do a little bit of kayaking keep asking, “is it easy to roll?” my answer up until yesterday was I don’t know.  I have spent years perfecting the art of staying […]

Tick Tock

This time 2 weeks it will be the eve of the start and there will be no more time to train or prepare.  And for that reason the next 2 weeks will be crazy!!! I have now assembled almost all of my kit and the final piece of the puzzle, the food, is ordered and on the way so by […]

Where has all the time gone?

Today marks the one month to go for the start of my next big adventure and the biggest solo expedition of my life.  I have been planning expeditions and adventures for years so  I have a good idea of what needs to be done in advance but somehow whenever the final month comes around the days appear to be cut […]

The past few weeks have been frantic, after a great few days of catching up chilling out and sleeping in Barbados we flew home to a fantastic welcome in Dublin airport. It was quite surreal to have so many family and friends awaiting my arrival in the terminal. It was fantastic to see everybody and I really appreciate the effort they all went to to travel all the way to Dublin.

March 11th  – Mike and the crew of the Sara G have landed safe and happy in Barbados after 57 days and 20 hours at sea. He will no doubt update the site once he has a sleep!   MARCH 10th 2010 – Webcams live from Barbados We are hoping they will land sometime between 8pm and 10pm Local Time […]

Hi All,

Mike Talks about the roller coaster 48 hours they have had on the Sara G. He sounds very positive and upbeat about the fact that they will be with family and friends before the week is out. If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to Donate!

Hi Folks,

What a Huge Day!

The Sara G Broke 5000kms distance travelled. They have (as of yesterday) only 275 nautical miles, so 500km to go now!! The first arrivals of the welcome party will touch down in Barbados tomorrow (the easy way, by plane!) with the rest not far behind within the following few days.

Tick Tock… not far to go now!

Mike talks in depth about his weight issues.

He discusses the percentage of body fat he has and the fact that his heart rate is super human. Some of us here believe that possibly Mike and the crew have rowed through some sort of force field and that they no longer have human blood in their veins. We will have to wait a few days to see! (Only joking of course)

Mike Jones talks about activities on the Sara G.

Mikes latest Podcast from the Sara G. On a side note, things appear to be going well for the crew of the Sara G with their pace picking up slightly and weather conditions looking favourable for the last leg of the journey. Fingers crossed the rest of the trip goes well as they edge ever closer to achieving their goal […]

So the Sara G is getting ever closer to Barbados! Less than 1000 miles to go now.

Mike talks about a busy few days aboard the Sara G in his latest podcast

Mike talks about what he misses most from home as well as answering other questions about life on board the Sara G.

News updates live from the Sara G. Podcast live from the Sara G on Day 37 of the mikejones.ie voyage across the Atlantic.

Podcast from Mike on Day 36 live from the Sara G, edging ever closer to Barbados! In fairness to the crew of the Sara G, they have been through a lot. Day 36 Podcast