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Into the North

As much as I was nervous about travelling in the remote areas of North Donegal I was more nervous about travelling in Northern Ireland.  Having never travelled much in this part of the country and much of what I knew of the area was based on years of news reporting on the troubles when I was growing up, I knew […]

Over the top

The South and West coast were all somewhat familiar to me and I was always in close range to friends or family.  When I moved into the northwest I had expected to be isolated and lonely and have to admit this section of the coast was one that made me nervous. So far though Donegal had treated me well, friendly […]

Wear and Tear

Being awakened by rain on the tent is one thing, being awakened by rain on you face is an entirely other.  But that is the joy of bivvying, at about 04:30 I woke to drops of rain on my face and slid deep into my sleeping bag sealing the bivvy bag over my head with a small air hole to […]

Cutting corners

My college education was pretty varied and among the things we studied we learned about theories of learning and philosophies of adventure, some of which I remember.   One particular concept which has always remained with me is that of the states of Play, Adventure and Misadventure. It is a simple enough idea which works as follows, you learn a new […]