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The Teddy Bears arm

Slyne head is yet another of the major tidal gates on this trip miss the tide and it not a pleasant place to be.  I woke from my tented slumber early to make sure I could make a clean get away.  I had spotted a small channel inside the rocks the previous evening which would allow me to cut the […]


In September 1998 I boarded a train in Dublin to head west and start a new chapter in my life.  Little did I know at the time that it was to be one of the most significant chapters, and not only did I glean an important college education over the next few years it was the lessons in life, love […]

A Whale of a time

Getting across Dingle bay is no mean feat and after being defeated by the wind a couple of days earlier I was determined to get across today.  A light head wind restricted my speed to a mere 2mph and with Slea head 15miles away it was set to be a slog. What I didn’t expect was to have company along […]

Going round the bend

 Getting moving again was such a great feeling and not only was I moving I was feeling strong and had fair conditions.  Originally I had set Cape Clear as my target after Castletownshend but after a couple of days off I wanted to make up some time and set off for Crookhaven.  This was a chance to start to get […]

Why the H?

Sitting and pondering was always was inevitable on this trip, be it in my boat, in my tent or in this case in a pub in Castletownshend.  But why the ’h’ surely it should simply be Castletownsend! This sums up my couple of days here in this the very picturesque west Cork village time to think and ponder and with […]

The story of the first 3 days…

I set off on this journey in good spirits confident that I was well prepared mentally and physically.  I waved off the last farewell boat containing my Dad, Brother and Uncle as I exited Cork harbour heading west with high morale and on target for my first day. As planned I began to snack to keep my energy levels up, […]

T minus 10 hours

After a hectic few days which has included a few hundred miles on the roads around Ireland and the small matter of my little brothers wedding, which was a magical affair and a special way to finish off the family weddings, 8 down! But now it is time to relax and enjoy the comforts of home as it my last […]