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Another crazy day but perhaps one of the most memorable so far in my preparation. I kicked off this morning with a pounding from a fantastic sports masseuse, I didn’t realise how tight my muscles had gotten from training but believe me she found all the knots, the results are worth it though. Feels like I have a new body. […]

It just occurred to me today that all going well we should be heading out of Agadir to row across the Atlantic Ocean in only 20 days !  That means that I will be jumping on a plane to Morocco in a little over 2 weeks leaving my beautiful wife for what will be our longest time apart since we […]

Over a week since my last post and it has been a pretty hectic but productive week. Last week I spent 3 days in Cork attending a 3 day Offshore Emergency Care course, it was the first one run and is part of a new scheme set up by the Irish Sailing Association. the course is designed for people who are going offshore and covers all the basic skills of how to diagnose and treat minor emergencies as well as how and where to seek advice on some more major issues.