Business as usual

Nothing special for the past few days, up early each morning to train at home then on to work for the day followed by another session in the evening.

I have been working on my technique on the rowing machine in the evenings and it seems to be coming along nicely.  I did 60 minutes last night, average stroke rate is between 18-20 and doing 500m in about 2:40min so managed to do just over 11km, not sure if that is any good but I am pretty happy with it.  Rowing across the Atlantic is all about maintaining a steady rate over a long time so at the moment that is what I am focusing on.

Getting into the eating routine now too and it is paying off, I am up to 69.1kg, with about 12 weeks to my departure for Morocco and another 6kg to gain I need to keep eating.  That means I need to try and gain about 0.5kg (1lb) each week.

Off out for a 5km run now to keep the cardio work up, cross-training is key at the moment to help stay motivated.


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