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One of the areas we all have to look at during our preparation is the condition of our pearly whites.  Tooth ache in the middle of the Atlantic would be quite miserable especially when you have to pull on the oars for 2 hours at a time!  So yesterday I had my 6 month check up with the dentist. Pretty […]

It’s been a busy week of training, working and planning for the row.  The big news is that I have  set the date for the first fundraising event.  I will be holding a table quiz in O’Donovans Bar, Ballina, Tipperary on Wednesday 11th November at 20:30.  Teams of 3 or 4 welcome with prizes for the top 3 teams and […]

The normal reaction when I tell people I am planning to row across the Atlantic is , “Are you Crazy?”! This is quickly followed by questions regarding safety.  The question of, “Will there be a support boat?” regularly crops up, the answer is no, this is an unsupported expedition! This post will be the first of many which will outline […]

Its been an exciting few days, flying to the UK, meeting the crew and of course meeting the lady herself, Sara G.  On Friday I flew to Stanstead and stayed the night in Cambridge with crew mate Pedro and his Fiance Emma.  When I say the night it was only half the night as we were up bright and early […]

Yesterday I met with Aine McNamara, Sports Psychologist, to discuss some techniques to keep me sane and motivated during the row.   Pretty much all top level athletes use sports psychology these days to help them reach optimum performance levels.  During the row we will be subject to all kinds of mental and physical hardship as we row for 12 […]

The title is just my way of showing off my multi lingual talents, but enough about me.  As all is quiet on the training front I wanted to take this chance to say a special thank you to a very good friend Eamonn Grant, he is off on a well deserved holiday with his lovely wife Anna tomorrow and I […]

Another big step in getting to the start was made today when I booked my flights to Morocco.  I will be departing from the big smoke on the 2nd January 2010 on a direct flight to Agadir.  It is always strange to book a one way flight, especially as I have no idea when I will be returning but when […]

It has been another busy weekend trying to fit training around a busy life and of course my obsession with Heineken cup Rugby.  Yesterday morning I was on the road with my bike for a 52km ride.  It has been a while since I was on the road bike and although my fitness is good I was surprised how tough […]

Yesterday morning I was back in the rowing tank with James Mangan.  Although this was my second session it was my first introduction to sculling.  There are 2 types of rowing, sweep is when each person has one oar like the Oxford Cambridge boat race and sculling is when each person has 2 oars.  The two techniques are very different […]

Nothing special for the past few days, up early each morning to train at home then on to work for the day followed by another session in the evening.

I have been working on my technique on the rowing machine in the evenings and it seems to be coming along nicely.

Just back from a fantastic trip in the north of Italy.  Spent the first day in Venice, had a look at the Gondola’s, not sure if they would go very well on the Atlantic though.   Thought I might get some rowing done but I don’t think you would fit a pair of oars down the narrow canals. Next day we […]