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Today was a very exciting day for The University of Limerick and Irish sport for that matter, today saw the official opening of the UL Boathouse.  The ceremony was attended by the UL President, the SU president, the Director of Sport (My Boss) as well as staff and students past and present of the UL. The sun shone on the […]

Two gold fish in a tank, one fish says to the other, ” Have you any idea how to drive this thing?” Ok, enough of the funny stuff, and tank references.  This morning was another early start with a weights session in the Arena at 0715.  Really good session, probably my best so far. I went straight from the gym […]

So my weekend was pretty busy with a good weights session to kick to kick off on Saturday morning, I managed most of it but still couldn’t manage press ups or shoulder press with my shoulder, soon I hope to be able to get the whole programme.  What I did manage though was the punishing amount of squats, 3 different […]

I hit the gym again this morning for my 3rd outing on the rowing machine and longest stint yet, a whole 45 minutes!  The previous 2 sessions were fine but I knew I was lacking technique, this morning though I was lucky to have  real rower beside me so from the corner of my eye I was trying to compare […]

I have been on the go non stop for the past couple of days.  Yesterday morning I was in the gym at 0700 for my first session on the rowing machine, 30mins and about 4.5km, felt pretty good.  Followed that with some weights, the programme Tom gave me is all about building strength.  Lots of sets, only got half way […]

Anybody who knows me or has had the pleasure of living with me for a while knows that I am not a morning person, I usually get out of bed for about 0850 head to work and wake up around 1000.  Following my meetings with Tom and Carmell yesterday I have realised that the training required for this mammoth task […]

After a super meeting with Tom in the Arena gym this morning it was off to United Physio for another treatment on my shoulder.  Last week I had my first taste of superficial dry needling, it is a technique to promote healing in damaged tissue.  I am not a fan of needles but it wasn’t too bad, this week though […]

Just back in from a 5km jog, trying to keep working on my cardio fitness until my shoulder is sorted.  Physio tomorrow should hopefully get it back in action and then a week of rehab, then it will be time to get rowing.  With less than 4 weeks to my first sea trials I want to get some good rowing […]

This morning I dusted off the turbo trainer to get some cardio work done, it has been a few weeks since I rode my bike and at least 4 months since the turbo saw the light of day.   I had forgotten how hot and boring turbo sessions are.  Basically you put your standard road bike on a frame which allows […]

The past few days has been really exciting, I have been talking to so many people about the row and I have been blown away by the offers of support.   Today is extra special though because I got introduce to my crew mates, Mylele and Pedro, both of whom have excellent rowing pedigree and of course share my desire to […]

My training has started in ernest with phase 1,  the weight gain phase!  so far so good all I have had to do is eat, which to be honest comes pretty easy.  Muesli for breakfast, 2 jam donuts and coffee at 11 and I am looking forward to lunch.  I hope all my training is this easy!  I currently weigh […]

I have spent the past few days getting my CV together and met Peter on Sunday evening in Galway.  Got the email this moring “Welcome aboard” totally blown away.  The past week has beena  total whirlwind of emails and phone calls, now it is on! 100 days to prepare for a 50 day Atlantic crossing, lots to do including fundraising, training […]

Interesting news taday, I have been contacted by Peter Williams of, he is recruiting a crew to row from Morocco to Barbados in January 2010.  It is a little different than I had planned it but being part of a 6 man crew and starting on main land Africa really appeals to me.  The boat has a pretty impressive […]

Ever since reading about ocean rowing in a book a few years ago the crazy notion that I could do it has been stuck in my head.  After about 4 years of trying to convince friends to join me I am running out of options, all I need is one person just as mad and passionate as me to jump […]

Hey Folks, I’m looking for a few hours of a graphic designers time. All I need in an logo and a few other basics done up. It would hopefully be benificial to a student as a portfolio job. Unfortunately, I don’t have funds to pay for the work so I am hoping that somebody could donate their time. If […]