Today was a very exciting day for The University of Limerick and Irish sport for that […]
Two gold fish in a tank, one fish says to the other, ” Have you any […]
So my weekend was pretty busy with a good weights session to kick to kick off […]
I hit the gym again this morning for my 3rd outing on the rowing machine and […]
I have been on the go non stop for the past couple of days.  Yesterday morning […]
Anybody who knows me or has had the pleasure of living with me for a while […]
After a super meeting with Tom in the Arena gym this morning it was off to […]
Just back in from a 5km jog, trying to keep working on my cardio fitness until […]
This morning I dusted off the turbo trainer to get some cardio work done, it has […]
The past few days has been really exciting, I have been talking to so many people […]
My training has started in ernest with phase 1,  the weight gain phase!  so far so […]
I have spent the past few days getting my CV together and met Peter on Sunday […]
Interesting news taday, I have been contacted by Peter Williams of, he is recruiting a […]
Ever since reading about ocean rowing in a book a few years ago the crazy notion […]
Hey Folks, I’m looking for a few hours of a graphic designers time. All I need […]